A true TITAN that cuts through 150mm thick panels!

Where, in the past, cutting depths of 60 or 80 mm were sufficient many businesses in the industry have the need to cut thicker (insulated) panels. Because of the high insulation values and the quick
processing, these panels are used more and more. Panel thicknesses of 135 mm, 150 mm and even 200 mm are no longer uncommon. These are mainly the sandwich panels with a foam core and an external cladding of wood, plastic, aluminium or even steel.

To be able to cut these panels easy and accurately Elcon has developed a powerful vertical panel saw, the TITAN. This machine is constructed stronger in all aspects and has a double saw guidance with a slewing bearing in which the saw head can turn. This results in very precise rotation and cutting. The TITAN comes with a strong 7,5 kW (10 hp) motor with stepless variable speed and automatic tilting of the saw head. Automatic panel detection prevents damaging the panels edges and a laser line indicator shows the cutting line. In combination with the automatic cutting cycle and variable feed speed this allows for optimal cutting with the TITAN.

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Product versions and dimensions

155 - 4300 155 - 6300
A 1040 mm 1040 mm
B 1985 mm 1985 mm
C 6895 mm 8895 mm
D 2080 mm 2080 mm
E 3200 mm 3200 mm
155 - 4300 155 - 6300
Weight in KG 2100 KG 2300 KG
Maximum cutting length 4300 mm 6300 mm
Maximum cutting height
1510 mm hor.
1550 mm vert.
1510 mm hor.
1550 mm vert.
Maximum cutting depth 150 mm 150 mm
Motor 7,5kW-S6 7,5kW-S6
Saw speed 5000 rpm 5000 rpm
Diameter saw blade 450 mm 450 mm
Electrics 400V/3ph/50Hz 400V/3ph/50Hz
Dust collector requirements 20m/sec 20m/sec

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