Cut-to-size Technology


The development of guidance systems takes place in close cooperation with leading technical research institutes like the Centre for Lightweight Constructions, the Delft Technical University and industrial design and engineering centres. The result of this development is amongst others a revolutionary solution for the tension-free mounting of precision guidances on in self-rigid carrying modules. Through this, a precision tolerance of 0.1 mm/m can be obtained, even for guidances over lengths up to 20 meters.



The development in the field of programmable programmable control systems is aimed at making the use of the machines as easy as possible, also for operators at a lower skill level. Therefore ELCON was the first to develop and introduce touch-screen technology for vertical panel saws. With this innovation the operator sees on his screen only those buttons that are needed at that moment for actions to execute. Other buttons only become visible at the moment that they become relevant. In this way the possibility of making a mistake is very small and even if a failure appears, the screens displays where it is located.




For the most efficiënt use of panel materials it is possible to calculate the subsequent saw cuts with the help of software programmes for the optimisation of the cutting pattern. Optimizing software, developped especially for ELCON, is available for use with the model Advance²Quadra, with which the 7-axis machine positionings are directly controled for the most efficiënt saw pattern.


Dust collection

Another field of attention for product innovations was ELCON’s emphasis on Health and Safety aspects. For this reason the industry’s most effective dust collection system was developped in the early 90’s. The patented Limpio system collects the dust at the very source where it is created and by completely covering in the saw blade, it reaches the lowest dust-emission values with a minimal air-flow requirement.



In order to provide the most optimal solution for panel handling during sizing ELCON introduced the Advance system. This system makes use of a set of clamps that position the panel (or several panels simultaneously) and makes it possible to cross cut a strip at length directly after the rip cut horizontally. With this system the operator does not need to manipulate the panels in between horizontal and vertical cutting, thus saving staff, time, risks of damage and the operators back.


Full panel control

The recent developments that have revolutionised working with vertical panel saws, are all combined in the newest model ADVANCE²QUADRA, the world’s first vertical automatic beam saw. This version contains a free programmable system for cutting to size rough panels directly into final sizes. The operator controls the full cycle of saw positioning, panel positioning and the sizing over both axis, including trimming the bottom and the side, by pressing only one sole button. The ADVANCE²QUADRA is therefor world-wide leading in cut-to-size technology: tooling and work piece positioning over 7 axis:

  • Saw blade positioning for vertical cutting (Y-axis)
  • Saw blade positioning for horizontal cutting (X-axis)
  • Saw blade control for plunging in and out of the panel (Z-axis)
  • Saw unit control for rotating from horizontal to vertical position and vice versa
  • Saw beam control for positioning and locking at the fixed meter points
  • Panel positioning for horizontal cutting (moving in vertical direction)
  • Panel positioning for vertical cutting (moving in horizontal direction)

And optionally an extra axis can be added:

  • Saw blade control for double cut scoring


Custom made

ELCON has always successfully met the requests from different kind of industries for special machines, like bigger sizes (up to lengths of 20 meters) and panel thicknesses (up to 150 mm), both in vertical and in horizontal versions. The larger industries highly value the capability of ELCON to respond precisely to their needs with tailor-made sawing solutions for a wide variety of panel materials, such as sandwich panels, Alu-bond, Corian, Trespa, Thermoclear, gypsum, post-forming, acrylic, polycarbonate and many others. Click on this link for more information.

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