First Monopost 2500 installed in Spain

Last month the first "big brother" of the already existing Monopost 1250 is commissioned in a large kitchen manufacturer in Spain.

The unique concept of this vertical pressure beam saw for postforming materials proves herewith its right to exist in the market.

Elcon Iberica SA has supplied this variant from the range of Monopost models last November in the capital of the Spanish province Extremadura.
With a cutting height of 2.500 mm, this model has a capacity that is doubled compared to the versions supplied up till now.

Of course it is equipped with the revolutionary concept with only 1 fully computer controlled saw-blade instead of other systems where 2 or 3 different saw-blades are necessary to cut post forming panels chip free.

This integration of the separate saw-movements in only one saw-unit brings big advantages: very rapid and simple blade replacement, no need to adjust different saw-blades, no need to tune the sharpening and of course much less parts for the driving mechanism.

Moreover, this version is also equipped with a free programmable positioning module for the input of a cutting pattern.