Exhibition season starts well for ELCON

From last month ELCON have participated already in various exhibitions, with many still planned in the coming weeks. The results are very positive and strengthen the feeling that the market position for ELCON growes more and more. 

In Germany and Switzerland Elcon participated in two houseshows. In Germany that resulted in several direct sales of both Advance and Advance²Quadra models. In Switzerland, at the occassion of the opening of the new SCM-Etienne organization, also both Advance and Advance²Quadra yielded high concrete interest.
Two shows in central Europe, in Poland and Slovenia, aroused split attention between model D and Advance²Quadra. There model D was the most successful in direct sales.

In the coming weeks Elcon will participate in various shows in France, Spain, Czech, Belgium, Slowakia, Holland, Italy and again Germany. Of course the results are expected with confidence.