The New EDGE.
Trendy and eye catching design and well equipped.

Looking like a picture in a frame, the all new Edge was developed from scratch. It features a new and lighter frame, yet it is still as rigid as it’s bigger brothers. Ensuring a long life span whilst maintaining accuracy. It comes with an automatic shifting back frame to prevent from damaging the support strips. This is done electrically, with actuators, so no compressed air needed.

It also includes XXL support blocks, large diameter foot operated bottom rollers and a user friendly mid fence to work ergonomically, in a standing position. A 4kW-S6 motor to cut through 60mm panels and manual scoring are part of the standard equipment. For workshops with limited ceiling height or working with small panel sizes, the EDGE comes in four different heights ranging from 125 up to 155, 185 and 220cm. Standard cutting lengths are 3.300 (125,155 and 185) and 4.300 (220).



Product versions and dimensions

155 185 220
A 650 mm 650 mm 650 mm
B 1467 mm 1467 mm 1467 mm
C 4512 mm 4512 mm 5567 mm
D 1995 mm 2030 mm 2630 mm
E 2464 mm 2763 mm 3112 mm
155 185 220
Weight in KG 845 KG 950 KG 1250 KG
Maximum cutting length 3300 mm 3300 mm 4300 mm
Maximum cutting height
1500 mm hor.
1550 mm vert.
1810 mm hor.
1850 mm vert.
2100 mm hor.
2200 mm vert.
Maximum cutting depth 60 mm 60 mm 60 mm
Motor 4kW-S6 4kW-S6 4kW-S6
Saw speed 5100 rpm 5100 rpm 5100 rpm
Diameter saw blade 250 mm 250 mm 250 mm
Electrics 400v / 50Hz / 3 ph 400V / 3 ph / 50Hz 400V / 3ph. / 50Hz
Dust collector requirements 20m/sec - 100mm 20m/sec - 100mm 20m/sec - 100mm

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