Custom made sawing machines

In addition to the standard programm, ELCON has a vast experience in producing "tailor-made" solutions to problems that occur in the practice of cutting panels of all kinds of materials, in long lengths (upto 20 meters), widths (upto 4 meters) and thicknesses.

This shows in the many special executions, like:


Panel cutting requirements today often exceed the standard 60mm or 80mm capacity offered by most vertical panel saw manufacturers. There has been an  increasing demand for thicker panel materials of 100mm, 120mm 135mm end even 150mm used in industry  - particularly the sandwich panels which generally comprise of a combination of differing materials, such as a soft inner core and an external cladding of wood, plastic, aluminium or even steel.

Elcon has recognised this need and has subsequently designed cutting solutions for these thicker panels to suit a wide range of industries. The efforts of the engineering department have resulted in the introduction of a new model within the wide range of Elcon vertical panel saws - the DSD Titan.

The new model contains unique user characteristics. To provide the increased cutting capacity the guidance system is based upon a double column construction with heavy duty bearing blocks. As standard it is equipped with a powerful 5.5kw (7.5hp) motor (with optional 7.5kw, 10hp S6) and pneumatic rotation of the saw head for ease of operation.

A number of optional features are available to refine the machine to bespoke user requirements. Amongst these is a specially designed saw guard to protect even very sensitive top layers of panels, automatic panel detection to prevent damaging the panel edges and a laser line indicator to show the saw cutting line.

Also variable feed speed to allow adaption for optimal cutting, automatic cutting cycle for both vertical and horizontal axis, adjustable stroke length and touch screen control for clear selection of functions and precise operation.


ELCON supplies custom made in Germany


The German manufacturer and market leader of lifting load-platforms in Heilbronn has recently integrated a new special ELCON sawing machine.

They work already with an ELCON custom made machine for 8 years. Because the production has multiplicated over the last years, the order was assigned for a new saw..

This new version offers the following functionality:

Cutting height: 3.200mm, Cutting depth: 135mm

Full automatic positioning, Data input via BAR Code Scanner

Visualisation of the processed loading platform on screen

Materialthickness depending travel speed with automatic detection

Horizontal automatic cut-to-size system, with saw- and router-bridge
Application: Truck building
Execution: 2 saw units and 2 router units
Max. cutting length: 16.000 mm
Max. cutting width: 3.200 mm
Max. cutting depth: 150 mm
Building year: 1990, in 1997 build again for the same customer because of expansion of his production. In 1998, 2000, 2001, 2006 and 2013 also fort he same type of user.

Automatic cross cut saw, for sandwichpanels
Application: cross cutting of steel cladded door panels
Max. stroke length: 800 mm
Max. cutting height: 70 mm
Lubrication on both sides of the saw-blade
Variable rotation speed of the saw-blade
In- and out-feed tables with transportrollers
Length in-feed table: 8.500 mm
Length out-feed table: 8.000 mm
Equipped with the EasyStop positioningsystem
Building year: 2004

Vertical saw-router combination
Application: cutting-to-size and routing of alu-bond panels
Execution: with double processing beam
Max. cutting length: 4.300 mm
Max. cutting height: 2.150 mm
Building year: 2003

Larger cutting heights and cutting lengths
Application: cutting insulation panels fort ruck building
Max. cutting length: 8.300 mm
Max. cutting height: 3.000 mm
Building year: 2004

Worlds biggest vertical beam saw
Application: Pre-fab housing fabrication in Switserland
Execution: Advance²Quadra
Length: 10.000 mm
Height: 4.000 mm
Positioning clamps: 4 x vertical, 1 x horizontal, programmable
Building year: 2009 

Hybrid sawing machine, for automatic angle cutting with inclined saw-blade
Application: cutting angles of 0-45° cornerpieces of kitchen panels for large kitchen producer in Mid-Europe
Execution: complete with special workpiece clamping, programming and touch screen operation
Building year: 2004

Automatic static knife cutting machine, for multi-wall polycarbonate panels 

Application: PC (Thermoclear)
Max. cutting length: 8.000 mm
Max. cutting heigth: 2.150 mm
Cutting speed: 70 m/min.
Building year: 2001

Monopost for Postforming materials
Application: Postforming panels for kitchen manufacturing
Postforming-, scoring and full cut with only 1 blade
With 3 cutting modes
Automatic cutting cycle, servo driven
Variable cutting depth
Touch-screen operation
Adjustable stroke length
Stepless adjustable cutting speed
Pneumatic clamping of work piece at working height
Bouwjaar: 2008

DSD Titan