The D-range contains the most economical versions. With the same heavy robust frame and despite a fully complete equipment, this model is offered to a very attractive price. In the basic version this machine has a powerful 4 kW (s6) motor, extra depth of the saw blade, 2 entry rollers and a repeat stop for strip cutting.


Brochure D


  • Adjustable cutting depth IMG_5804_HR_02 1/1 By means of a simple handle, the saw unit can be adjusted for cutting grooves.
  • Compact robust frame with less depth 1/1 The D-range has a more steep construction, which means that it has a smaller footprint and takes even less space.
  • Cutting depth 60 mm The Elcon-D has the capacity to cut material to a maximum depth of 60 mm.
  • Double cut scoring IMG_1317 1/1 Double cut scoring with the main sawblade. This easy to adjust feature makes it possible to set the scoring depth of the main blade on the first cutting direction and than in the reverse cut go through the material. This results in a exact edge without chipping of the top surface.
  • Emergency stop Like on every Elcon Machine, also the D model is standard equipped with an emergency stop.
  • End stop on mid fence 1/1 End stop on mid fence is especially usefull for extra support when cutting horizontally.
  • End-stop End-stop 1/1 On the bottom support level and on the level of the mid-fence, an end-stop is available for holding the panel when cutting horizontally.
  • Entry and exit rollers for panel handling Entry and exit rollers for panel handling 1/1 Left- and right-side entry and exit rollers for easy panel handling.
  • Extra depth of the saw blade at back side. De D-range has the possibility for a 25 mm depth of the saw blade at the back of the panel, for an increased quality of cut.
  • No special floor needed No special floor needed 1/1 Completely self-rigid and free standing construction of basic framework.
  • Precision within DIN 875/1 (0.1 mm.) Contact-free aligned hardened steelbar guidance for horizontal travel,from precision template.
  • Repeat-stop for strip cutting Repeat-stop for strip cutting 1/1 Repeat stop facility with track-bearing, running on the top cut section of the panel, allowing repetitive horizontal strip cutting, adjustable from 0-500mm.
  • Standard equipped with 4 kW motor (s6) The D-range is from standard equipped with a powerfull 4 kW (S6) motor.


  • Manually moveable back support grid
  • Transportrollers, operated by foot pedal
More options Less options

155 185 215
A 650 mm 650 mm 650 mm
B 1100 mm 1100 mm 1100 mm
C 4720 mm 4720 mm 5720 mm
D 1980 mm 2280 mm 2580 mm
E 2265 mm 2565 mm 2865 mm
Weight (kg) 640 705 825
Maximum cutting length 3300 mm 3300 mm 4300 mm
Maximum cutting height 1505 mm hor.
1550 mm vert.
1805 mm hor.
1850 mm vert.
2105 mm hor.
2150 mm vert.
Maximum cutting depth 60 mm
Motor (S6) 4 kW
Saw speed 5100 rpm
Diameter saw blade 250 mm
Electrics 400V/3ph/50Hz
Dust collector requirements 20m/sec

More information is available in the datasheet.