Largest ELCON Advance²Quadra sofar for Swiss pre-fab housing manufacturer

One of the leading manufacturers of housing in Switzerland now disposes of the world’s largest vertical beam saw, the ELCON Advance²Quadra, with a height of almost 4 meters and a length of approx 10 meters. This completely automatic and fully programmable cutting system for walls of pre-fab housing is installed this summer.

Wood is a natural base material for house building in Switzerland. Zimmerei Kühni AG is a leading manufacturer of large pre-fabricated houses with wood as a load-bearing element. Within the fully renewed production lay-out, the need exists to process rough walls to final end sizes in one operation. The demands that this sets to the sawing machine turned out to be able to realise only with an Advance²Quadra from  Elcon.

De rough walls are placed on the machine in one time and are clamped at the top with 4 reinforced Advance clamps. Subsequently these walls are lifted entirely and cut clean at the bottom. For the cutting to size, both the vertical and the horizontal positioning of the wall is controlled by the machine and is linked to the controls of the saw unit and the vertical guidance beam.
The cut-to-size programme is entered on a separate PC and send to the machine through the local company network. Thus, the operator does not have to bother with neither the adjustment of the sizes, nor with the handling of the material. He can control the full cut-to-size programme by pressing just one button.